TNS energo Yaroslavl PJSC


Alexey Ermakov
Alexey Ermakov
Deputy General Director of the PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies – Managing Director, PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl


TNS energo Yaroslavl PJSC
Address Lenina Avenue 21b, Yaroslavl, Russian Federation, 150003
Phone +7 (4852) 78-19-09
Fax +7 (4852) 78-19-04


TNS energo Yaroslavl PJSC is part of the TNS energo group of companies engaged in supplying electric power to consumers in the Yaroslavl region. The company renders services to over 15 thousand legal entities and about 560 thousand private clients, which makes 67% of the electric power market in the Yaroslavl region.
Key activities of TNS energo Yaroslavl PJSC: 

  • purchase of electric energy on wholesale and retail energy (power) markets; 
  • sale of electric energy to consumers (including citizens) on wholesale and retail energy (power) markets.


The Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company TNS energo Yaroslavl PJSC was founded in 2005 as a result of reorganization of Yarenergo JSC, and is the successor of former branch of Yarenergo, Energosbyt in the part of rights and duties according to the dividing balance. 

On January 11, 2005, state registration of Yaroslavl Retail Company JSC occurred, the main function of which was sale of electric power to consumers. 

The Resolution of the Board of Directors of RAO United Energy System of Russia dated September 30, 2005 on «pilot» projects for disposition of shares of power supply companies, the management of RAO United Energy System of Russia included the Yaroslavl Retail Company to «pilot» companies for the purpose of selling its shares through an open auction. 

On June 6, 2006, an open auction was held for selling 47.36% of shares of YRC JSC, owned by RAO United Energy System of Russia, the winner of which was Transneftservice-C LLC. 

The status of guaranteeing supplier of electric power in the administrative borders of the Yaroslavl region was awarded to TNS energo Yaroslavl PJSC on September 1, 2006, in accordance with paragraph 36 of the «Rules of Functioning of Retail Electric Power Markets during the Transition Period of Reforms in Power Industry».