TNS energo Voronezh PJSC


Sergey Gres
Sergey Gres
Deputy General Director of the PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies – Managing Director, TNS Energo Voronezh PJSC


TNS energo Voronezh PJSC
Address Merkulova Street 7a, Voronezh, Russian Federation, 394029
Phone +7 (473) 261-87-07 (08), +7 (473) 202-08-33
Fax +7 (473) 261-87-43


TNS energo Voronezh PJSC is part of the TNS energo group of companies engaged in supplying electric power to consumers in the Voronezh region. The company renders services to over 24 thousand legal entities and over 1 million private customers. The controlled market share in the region is about 80%.

The limits of PJSC TNS energo Voronezh activities: 

The area of operations of TNS energo Voronezh PJSC as a guaranteeing supplier is limited to the Voronezh region, with the exception of the zone of operations of the Borisoglebsk energy organization municipal unitary enterprise (Borisoglebsk).

Key activities of TNS energo Voronezh PJSC:
  • purchase of electric energy on wholesale and retail energy (power) markets; 
  • sale of electric energy to consumers (including citizens) on wholesale and retail energy (power) markets.


The history of the company started in 1935, when the Voronezh power complex was created in the city. In the process of improving the structure of regional energy supervision, units with the function of energy supervision were organized in its structure.

So, according to the Decree of the Government of the RF No. 560 dated 08.05.1996 «On reorganization of State Energy Supervision of the Russian Federation», two independent institutions were found:
  • Branch of Voronezhenergo JSC Energosbyt. 
  • Territorial Administration of State Power Supervision (TASPS) in the structure of the Ministry of Fuel and Power.
In 1996, the branch of Energosbyt was registered as a separate division of Voronezhenergo JSC without being a legal entity.

On August 31, 2004, as a result of restructuring of Voronezhenergo JSC, according to the decision of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Voronezhenergo JSC and the plan of reorganization of RAO United Energy System of Russia JSC, Voronezh Energy Retail Company Open Joint Stock Company was separated from the company’s subsidiary Energosbyt, and registered as a legal entity.

On September 1, 2006, with the launch of the new liberalized model of wholesale and retail markets of electric power (capacity), Voronezh Energy Retail Company JSC was awarded the status of guaranteeing supplier.

On September 19, 2007, in the framework of sales of the assets of RAO United Energy System of Russia, the second stage of sales of retail companies occurred. As a result of this auction, the shares of Voronezh Energy Retail Company JSC were acquired by investment company KT Projects, the beneficiary of which is the large independent energy company, Transneftservice C LLC.

On June 30, 2015, based on the decision of the general meeting of shareholders, and in accordance with the current legislation, Voronezh Energy Retail Company JSC was renamed to TNS energy Voronezh PJSC. 

Currently, TNS energo Voronezh PJSC is comprised of the following divisions: 
  • 4 units for working with individual customers in Voronezh;
  • The Borisoglebsk office (Anninsky, Borisoglebsky, Gribanovsky, Novokhopersky, Povorinsky, Talovsky, Ternovsky, Ertilsky districts);
  • The Kalacheevsk office (Boguchary, Buturlinovsk, Verkhnemamonsk, Vorobyevsk, Kalacheevsk, Pavlovsk, Peteropavlovsk districts);
  • Liskinsky office (Bobrowski, Kamensky, Kantemirovsky, Liskinsky, Olkhovatsky, Ostrogozhsky, Podgorensky, Rossoshansky districts);
  • Semiluki office (Verkhnekhavsky, Kashirsky, Nizhnedevitsky, Novovoronezhsky, Novousmansky, Paninsky, Ramonsky, Repyevsky, Semiluksky, Khokholsky districts).