Photo News

18 march 2013
Maslenitsa Festival in the amusement park
Nizhegorodskaya sbytovaya organised a Maslenitsa Festival for the residents of the children’s home which it sponsors.
29 december 2012
New Year’s Day celebration at the children’s home
Nizhegorodskaya sbytovaya arranged a New Year’s holiday for the residents of the Poshatovo children’s home.
20 november 2012
The All-Russia Kickboxing Tournament
Kubanskaya energosbytovaya once again sponsored the All-Russia Kickboxing Tournament.
25 september 2012
GC TNS Energo’s Spartakiad I
Between 20 - 23 September 2012 the power sales companies of GC TNS Energo LLC participated in ‘Spartakiad I’, which took place in the Krasnodar Region.

27 may 2012
Children’s Drawing Contest: ‘Svetlye Istorii’
Around 300 drawings have been submitted by participants in the 3rd Annual Children’s Drawing Contest arranged by JSC Kubanenergosbyt. On 27 May 2012 the final stage of the contest, and the awards ceremony, took place in the Filippov School of Art.
10 may 2012
Happy Victory Day!
On 9 May 2012 (Victory Day) JSC Marienergosbyt staff and volunteers from Ioshkar Ola showed their appreciation to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and to home front workers.