Volume of overdue accounts receivable from Yaroslavl Region residents exceeds 162 million rubles

The participants discussed the principal existing problems in this field, working methods and the sequence of actions to be implemented to recover the debts.

The considerable volume of consumer arrears for energy resources (including electrical energy) is one of the most serious problems in the Yaroslavl Region. As of the beginning of 2014, the volume of overdue accounts receivable from Yaroslavl Region residents for electricity exceeded 162 million rubles, so the reduction this amount is one of the most important tasks for the Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company in 2014.

As the Guaranteeing Supplier, work on the collection of the customers’ arrears is being carried out using several different approaches. Claim letters on the necessity to redeem their debts are sent to the addresses of those consumers (individuals), who have not paid for electricity on time. The company’s employees also make phone calls to remind the debtors about their obligations to pay for electricity. Lists of residents who are avoiding paying for the electricity used in apartment blocks, are published monthly, as additional information included with the bills sent to subscribers who do pay on time.

If the above-mentioned measures do not have any effect the Retail Company is entitled to disconnect the electricity supplies of such non-paying subscribers. A relevant notification is sent by post to such debtors 30 days prior to the date of disconnection. The Energy Supplier repeats this notification to such consumers 3 days prior to the disconnection procedure. The disconnection is carried out in strict compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. In parallel with this, the Retail Company submits a statement of claim to court. It is important to note that, at all stages until the passing of a court judgement and the start of enforcement proceedings, a consumer with a debt to the Retail Company may approach the Energy Supplier with a request to pay by installments. An agreement on the gradual redemption of the debt can then be executed between the debtor and the JSC Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company.

The Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company encourages Yaroslavl Region residents to pay for the electricity which they consume in a timely manner and in full.