TNS energo Group of Companies continues to accept applications for the purchase of additional shares

TNS energo Group of Companies has drawn the attention of potential purchasers to the fact that a response regarding the outcome of its consideration of an application (approval or dismissal) is sent to the potential buyer within seven days from receipt of the relevant order by the Issuer.

Payment must be made in full by the potential purchaser not later than 16 May 2014 for any shares in relation to which an order has been approved and an answer on the approval has been received.

The obligation to pay for the shares is considered fulfilled, in the case of payment for the additional shares with monetary funds, from the moment of receipt of those monetary funds to the Issuer’s bank account as specified in the Decision on the issue of Additional Securities and Prospectus of the Issuer; and, in the case of payment for the additional shares with non-monetary assets (nominal book-entry shares), from the moment of entry of the appropriate record of receipt in relation to the Issuer’s personal account in the Register of Owners of Nominal Securities of the Company, the shares of which are included in the payment of the Issuer’s additional shares, or from the moment of entry of the respective record of receipt on the custody account in the depository.

For more detailed information on the time limits for events involved in the process of placement of the Company’s shares, see the ‘Information Disclosure section’, subclause: ‘Events 2014’, in the ‘Events Plan’ document, or click on this link.

Note that the additional ordinary nominal book-entry shares in the amount of 8,179,560, with a par value of 1 ruble each, were placed on the basis of the decision to increase the charter capital of TNS energo Group of Companies made by the sole shareholder of TNS energo Group of Companies on 28 November 2013.

The main purpose of the issue is to raise funds and to increase the Issuer’s participation share in its subsidiaries and affiliates: JSC Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company, JSC Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company, JSC Voronezh Energy Retail Company, JSC Mari El Energy Retail Company, JSC Rostov-on-Don Energy Retail Company and JSC Kuban Energy Retail Company.

The Issuer plans to direct the money earned from the placement of securities to the development of the Company’s primary activities.