TNS energo Group companies have successfully completed the first stages of their preparations for taking up their Guaranteeing Supplier status

All three of the companies have received registers of existing creditors from the Ministry of Energy. They have drawn up agreements, based on these registers, under which they are assigned the right to request the payments as set out in the bids. To date, all the agreements have been signed and the TNS energy Group companies made the required payments on 20 December. On or before 23 December all documents relating to the settlement of arrears will be submitted to the Russian Ministry of Energy.

These TNS energy Group companies have therefore promptly completed an important stage on the way towards their Guaranteeing Supplier status. By the time they officially obtain their status (1 January 2014), JSC Tula Energy Retail Company, Energotrading LLC, and Garantenergoservice LLC will be ready to assume their obligations for servicing their consumers in the three regions.

Operational and informational work with consumers has already started. The web-sites of the new Guaranteeing Suppliers have been created and are being populated with up-to-date information on a daily basis. The hotlines are already receiving calls from subscribers and premises have been leased in the Tula, Penza and Novgorod regions. Specialist staff has been employed, and necessary materials, machines and other equipment have been purchased. This kind of activity will be on-going as a matter of routine, to ensure that consumers are minimally inconvenienced as the companies carry out a smooth transition to operation as Guaranteeing Suppliers in their regions.