PJSC TNS energo Mari Elstarts up mobile offices to combat non-payment

The September stage of the campaign will be special— the emphasis in the work of the mobile office will be on dealing with non-payers. On 9 and 11 September representatives fromthe Company plan to visit more than 80 non-payers living in the Morkinsky district, while, on 10 September, a large number of raids are planned in the Morki urban settlement in association with the Federal Bailiff Service Administration for theRepublic of Mari El.

As part of the work of the mobile office,specialists from PJSC TNS energo Mari El will hold meetings and consultations with personnel from the local government offices to determine the reasons for the growth of indebtedness across different types of consumers.The mobile office will also welcome responsible electricity consumers. Here, as before, the consumers will be able to pay their electricity bills, provide meter-readings, and, if necessary, re-execute their energy supply agreements, gain access to the «Personal Cabinet» Service. Professional consultations with PJSC TNS energo Mari El specialists will also be available.