TNS energo Mari El makes large investment in automatic accounting for commercial power consumption

The programme has been agreed with, and approved by, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Mari El Republic. Over the three years from 2017 to 2019, this project will involve installing modern ASCAPC energy accounting meters in 344 Yoshkar-Ola apartment blocks. In total, the programme will cover more than 50,000 residents in the capital of the Mari El Republic.

The main advantage of ASCAPC is its automated and simultaneous reading of all the metering devices installed in a building, and the remote submission of these readings to the power supply company for subsequent billing. Such synchronised data-reading means it is possible to minimise the costs per household.

The system also eliminates the possibility of inaccuracies during data exchange, or through human error, and prevents any external attempts to interfere with the operation of the system (connection of equipment bypassing, or deliberate breakage of a metering device). The ASCAPC system allows immediate programming of metering devices for any requested tariff, as well as the ability to check the performance of each device in real time, via closed communication channels.

ASCAPCs similar to the one to be installed in Mari El have been already successfully implemented in a number of other Russian regions – in the Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Moscow and Chelyabinsk regions.

Andrey Shalitkin, Deputy General Director For Economy and Finance of PJSC TNS energo Mari El, said: "Comprehensive implementation of this project will at once solve several problems: excessive usage in households, theft of electricity and low energy efficiency levels in multi-apartment buildings. Prior to installing the system, we carry out an energy audit of the in-house networks, eliminate any problems, and can fully or partially replace the networks in the building. ASCAPCs allow the process of submitting readings and paying for electricity to be as accurate as possible." 

Company Profile:

A part of the TNS energo Group of Companies, PJSC TNS energo Mari El is the guaranteeing supplier in the Mari El Republic. TNS energo Mari El provides services in all districts of the Mari El Republic, serving more than 313 thousand residents and over 7.7 thousand organisations and enterprises in the region. The company’s market share is 87.36%. According to its 2016 results, the company supplied 2.2 billion kWh of electricity.
The PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies is a participant in the wholesale electricity market, managing 10 guaranteeing suppliers serving around 21 million consumers in 11 regions of the Russian Federation: PJSC TNS energo Voronezh (Voronezh region), JSC TNS energo Karelia (Republic of Karelia), OJSC Kubanenergosbyt (Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea), PJSC TNS energo Mari El (Mari El Republic), PJSC TNS energo NN (Nizhny Novgorod region), JSC TNS energo Tula (Tula region), PJSC TNS energo Rostov-on-Don (Rostov region), PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl (Yaroslavl region), LLC TNS energo Veliky Novgorod (Novgorod region) and LLC TNS energo Penza (Penza region). According to its 2016 results, the Group, as a whole, supplied 64.7 billion kWh of electricity.