TNS energo Group of Companies expands cooperation with SMP Bank

SMP Bank has opened a facility for the Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company (part of the TNS energo Group of Companies) with a total debt limit of RUB 500 million. Finance will be provided for a period of up to one year in order to increase the company’s working capital.

SMP Bank has been cooperating with the TNS energo Group of Companies since November 2014. The Bank has previously opened facilities for other subsidiaries - two for TNS energo Penza LLC, with disbursement limits of RUB 250 million and 150 million, and one facility for Marienergosbyt, with a limit of RUB 300 million. Each of these facilities has been opened for one year.


The PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies is an entity of the wholesale electricity market, and manages 10 guaranteeing suppliers servicing about 19 million consumers across 11 regions of the Russian Federation: the Voronezh Energy Retail Company, the Karelia Energy Retail Company, the Kuban Energy Retail Company, Kubanenergo (Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea), Marienergosbyt, the Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company, the Tula Energy Retail Company, Energosbyt Rostovenergo, the Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company, Garantenegoservis LLC (Novgorod region) and TNS Energo Penza LLC.

SMP Bank has operated in the Russian banking market since 2001. It is one of the 30 largest Russian banks on the basis of its assets. SMP Bank is the leading bank of the correspondingly-named group that, apart from the sanitised Mosoblbank, includes the Inresbank Finance Business Bank Insurance and Leasing Company. SMP Bank operates in excess of 90 branches across more than 20 regions. The main shareholders are the Russian businessmen Arkady and Boris Rotenberg.