Three Energy Retail Companies which are part of the TNS energo Group have been awarded Guaranteeing Supplier status in the Novgorod, Penza and Tula regions

The companies are planning to work actively with their consumers: Starting in December, Guaranteeing Supplier sites will be launched and free phone lines will be introduced for receiving energy meter readings, and to answer consumers’ questions.

Throughout their work in the field of energy supply the companies comprising the TNS energy Group have proved themselves, not only to be reliable partners, able to provide stable energy supplies for both businesses and the public, but also as responsible participants in the market, having no debts on the wholesale market for electricity and power, and participating actively in the social life of the regions.
In fact, in addition to the Novgorod, Penza and Tula regions, the TNS energo  Group of Companies manages Guaranteeing Suppliers in another seven Russian regions, and services more than 16 million consumers. The TNS energo Group of Companies includes JSC Voronezh Energy Retail Company, JSC Karelia Energy Retail Company, JSC Kuban Energy Retail Cimpany, JSC Mari El Energy Retail Company, JSC Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company, JSC Rostov-on-Don Energy Retail Company, and the JSC Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company.