The TNS energo Group of Companies congratulates all the Russian ice-skaters on their successful performance at the Sochi Olympic Games!

Victor An opened the medal scoring in his first race in Sochi with the bronze medal in the 1,500 metres. Olga Fatkulina won a silver medal for the Russian national team in the 500 metres.

The Russian team also triumphed in the 1,000 metres with two Russian sportsmen together on the podium: Victor An won the gold medal and Vladimir Grigoryev, the silver.

On 21 February Victor An was a two-times champion: the first in the 500 metres, then as a member of the racing team comprising Vladimir Grigoryev, Semen Elistratov and Ruslan Zakharov in the 5,000 metres relay race.

The women's team showed spectacular racing form and won the Olympic bronze medal in the team race. Olga Graf also took the bronze medal in the 3,000 metres.

Dmitry Arzhanov, the General Director of the TNS energo  Group of Companies congratulated the Russian sportsmen:

“We heartily congratulate our sportsmen who invested the maximum of their physical and mental strength in their performances at the Olympic Games and who have given the fans an incomparable sense of national pride and well-deserved sporting superiority! We congratulate the team coaches who successfully worked on enhancing the high sporting standards of the Russian national team, which we have had the recent honor to observe in international competitions. We thank you for your efforts and commitment and for the beautiful and spectacular performances! We wish you further success and glorious sporting victories!