The Kuban Energy Retail Company Annual Report is recognised as the Best in Krasnodar Territory

This year the contest committee consisted of experts from the Federal Service for Financial Markets, the National Association of Stock Market Participants, the Russian Union of Enterpreneurs and Industrialists and other authority companies. They assessed the entries in terms of more than 20 parameters. The experts paid attention primarily to whether the company was able to show its advantages as a self-confident participant in the business community through its financial documents.

Kuban Energy Retail Company’s Report gained third place in the category: ‘Best Annual Report from Krasnodar Territory’ and was awarded the Expert RA Rating Agency’s special prize for the best company business communication in the South Federal District.

Kuban Energy Retail Company, which has also previously won the contest, believes that an annual report is not merely a formal financial document and source of information for shareholders. - It is an important instrument for the creation of the company’s positive image, an indicator of the company’s successful marketing policy and constructive communication with different target groups, and thus it testifies to the transparency of Kuban Energy Retail Company towards market participants, partners, shareholders and energy consumers.