Employees of the Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company arranged a picnic for the residents of a children’s home.

Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company and the children from the Poshatovo children’s home have maintained their friendship for about 7 years. Indeed, real patronage means not just material support, but a genuine concern for one’s wards. The Energosbyt employees bring gifts on their own behalf in addition to those provided in the name of the Company. They participate in children’s activities and offer advice from their own experience of the wider world.

It is particularly remarkable that when their patrons ask the children what it is that they remember best about living at the children’ home, they unanimously answer that it is the arrival of their visitors from Energosbyt! Joint camping trips, visits to amusement parks, excursions, creative master classes, go-carting and horse riding and many other things! It is impossible to forget the many vivid impressions and positive emotions. - Indeed, why should one ever want to forget them.

The children always look forward to the visits by the staff of the Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company with whom they have become great friends. And it is not really about the gifts. Each time power company employees prepare a pleasant and unusual surprise for the children, they think over each new meeting and put their hearts and souls to it. “The children are interested in communication with their elders. Owing to such communication they get new knowledge, and can step beyond the bounds of the children’s home.” So says Valentina Kuznetzova, the Deputy Director of the children’s home.
After the event the Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company employees and the children put the camping site in order, collecting and removing any rubbish. So, the activity has both promoted a love of nature and has been informative in its own way since it really is true that children learn best by observing the behavior of adults.

The picnic was a huge success! And how could it have been otherwise. Even the near-adult graduates went swimming, played and jumped around with joy, just like their younger classmates who were presented with sports equipment and beach-games by the power company employees. These are the other memories of life at the children’s home: of warmth and kindness, which will certainly evoke a smile of thanks to their old-friends from Energosbyt, even after many years. According to Anya Evstratova, one of the children’s home graduates: “Good deeds will not be forgotten!” She was referring to her patrons when she said this.