Rostov-on-Don hosts TNS Energy Group conference

As part of the conference it is planned to organise several training seminars on the energy retail business, including on the legal regulation of markets, on the latest amendments to industrial law and on key principles of working with consumers.

 In addition, the TNS Energy Group’s Second Spartakiada for its retail companies will take place over the same period. There will be 6 competition areas: volleyball, mini football, table tennis, chess and field-and-track events. Dragon Class yacht races will also take place as team events.

 The key objectives of the event are to develop and strengthen intracorporate relations between the Group’s energy retail companies, through training and sharing of professional experience, and by encouraging a healthy lifestyle within the Company.


For reference:

 TNS Energy  operates in the electricity wholesale market, managing 8 power retail companies across 8 regions of the country: Voronezh Energy Retail Company, Karelia Energy Retail Company, Kuban Energy Retail Company, Mari El Energy Retail Company, Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company, Tula Energy Retail Company, Rostov-on-Don Energy Retail Company and Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company.

 The energy retail companies making up TNS Energy service more than 176,000 business client accounts and more than 6 million personal client accounts. With an average number of 2.7 subscribers per client account this means that the companies comprising the TNS Energy Group supply power to more than 16 million people, i.e. over 10% of the Russian population.