PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl is one of the best for its provision of mandatory social insurance

When deciding the results, the contest committee evaluated the employers according to a range of criteria, including timeliness and completeness of mandatory social insurance contributions, timely and flawless reporting, absence of criticism or complaints by employees when field and desk audits were conducted, and the absence of insurance premium surcharges for compulsory social insurance as a result of work injuries and occupational diseases. Furthermore, the employees’ wage levels were also taken into account, requiring that these should exceed the minimum subsistence level of the Yaroslavl region for the working population.

Winning the contest reflects not only the professional competence and the integrity of the organisation’s accountants, but, particularly, the employer’s responsibility to its employees. The timely payment of insurance premiums and compliance by the insurers with all legislative requirements related to mandatory social insurance guarantee the payment of important allowances to their employees in various life situations, including both payment for sick leave and of maternity and childcare allowances, and payments due as a result of work injuries or occupational diseases.

On behalf of PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl, Artem Nigmatullin, the company’s Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance, said: “For PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl a high-quality and responsible approach towards the insurance of its employees is a prerequisite forour presence in the market and for working in the region. We are most grateful for the confidenceyou have shown in us”.

Company Profile:

PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl 

Key activities of the Company are the purchase of electricity on the wholesale and retail power markets and its sale to consumers (individuals and businesses) within the Yaroslavl region. 

Currently, the PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl is the largest power supplier in the Yaroslavl region. The Company’s share of the regional electricity market amounts to 64%. 

The company’s consumers are large industrial enterprises, medium and small-businesses and financial institutions together with city and rural populations. The PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl services nearly 15 thousand business consumers and 700 thousand residential consumers in total. 

According to its 2015 results, the PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl supplied 4.88 billion kWh of electricity. 

The PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies is a member of the energy wholesale market and also manages 10 guaranteeing suppliers, servicing nearly 21 million consumers across 11 regions of the Russian Federation: PJSC TNS energo Voronezh (Voronezh region), JSC TNS energo Karelia (Republic of Karelia), OJSC Kubanenergosbyt (Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea), PJSC TNS energo Mari El (Republic of Mari El), PJSC TNS energo NN (Nizhny Novgorod region), JSC TNS energo Tula (Tula region), PJSC TNS energo Rostov-on-Don (Rostov region), PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl (Yaroslavl region), LLC TNS energo Veliky Novgorod (Veliky Novgorod region) and LLC TNS energo Penza (Penza region).