PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl ensures financial stability of the Yaroslavl region in its area of responsibility

The financial stability of the enterprise has been maintained, despite a growth, to RUB 1.4 billion, in accounts receivable across all categories of its consumers. For the residents of the region, for town-forming enterprises, across the social sphere, as well as for large and small businesses, such a performance of its obligations by their guaranteeing power supplier assures uninterrupted power supplies, providing a basis for further development. 

According to the results for 2015, the useful energy output to consumers amounted to 4.9 billion kWh. Compared with 2014, a growth in power consumption by the agricultural sector and by domestic users can be noted. 

Being one of the largest taxpayers in the region, in 2015, the guaranteeing power supplier contributed RUB 123 million to the federal budget, RUB 93 million to the budget of the Yaroslavl region, and RUB 75 million to various extra-budgetary funds (among them, RUB 59 million were transferred to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation).

Company Profile

PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl is the largest power supplier in the Yaroslavl region. The company services more than 15,000 legal entities and almost 700,000 residential subscribers. According to its 2014 results, the company supplied 4.9 billion kWh of electricity.