JSC GC TNS Energy documents on an additional securities issue are published

The documents were registered with the competent authorities on 27 December 2013.

8,179,560 additional ordinary nominal book-entry shares, with a par value of 1 ruble each, were placed, on the basis of the decision made by the sole shareholder of JSC GC TNS Energy on 28 November 2013, to increase the charter capital of JSC GC TNS Energy.

The main purpose of the issue is to raise funds and to increase the Issuer’s participation share in its subsidiaries and affiliates: JSC Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company, JSC Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company, JSC Voronezh Energy Retail Company, JSC Mari El Energy Retail Company, JSC Rostov-on-Don Energy Retail Company and JSC Kuban Energy Retail Company.

The Issuer plans to direct the money earned from the placement of the securities to the development of its core activities.