Indebtedness of Tula residents to JSC Tula Energy Retail Company for electricity amounts to 110 million rubles

Indebtedness of electricity subscribers is a serious problem for a Guaranteeing Supplier and the work of reducing it is one of the main tasks for the JSC Tula Energy Retail Company in 2014.

Commenting on the situation, Svetlana Gorodnichaya, Head of the Methodology and Work with Individuals Department of the JSC Tula Energy Retail Company, said: “Unfortunately some consumers within the population - amongst the citizens of Tula - forget that they are obliged by law to pay for the utilities services which they consume. That’s why the Company has to resort to the sanctions against debtors provided by current legislation: debt enforcement and the suspension of electrical energy supply.”

Consumers will already know if they are in debt, since that information is indicated on each receipt of payment for electricity. However, if such provision of information does not bring any results then the JSC Tula Energy Retail Company is entitled to disconnect the supply to the defaulting customer, notifying that subscriber within the time-frame established by the legislation.

In the end such measures result in an increase in the cost to the non-paying consumer. For example, in case of debt enforcement following the passing of a judgement by the court, the debtor is obliged to redeem not only his indebtedness, but also to pay penalties for each day of delay in payment, and also to reimburse the legal costs, including the payment of state duty.

Notwithstanding the debts of existing consumers, the JSC Tula Energy Retail Company continues to perform its obligations of electricity supply to the Regional centre.