Indebtedness of electricity consumers to Garantenergoservice LLC in the first quarter of 2014 exceeded 230 million rubles

The Legal Department of the Novgorod branch of Garantenergoservice LLC arranges and controls all stages of the debt collection process, which includes judicial, prejudicial and enforcement proceedings in relation to unscrupulous consumers.

Altogether, since the start of Company operations in the Novgorod Region, 497 claims have been brought for the recovery of debts from individuals and legal entities, totalling more than 66 million rubles. During the first quarter, thanks to its active claim-related work, the Guaranteeing Supplier succeeded in collecting 35.52 million rubles of debt from defaulters.

Garantenergoservice LLC has reminded its consumers that non-paying subscribers can undermine the energy supply reliability of the whole Region. Without receiving payment for resources which have been produced and delivered, the energy retail companies are not able fully to implement their planned measures for improvements to the quality of electricity supply. Therefore non-payment by some consumers negatively affects the quality of the service provided to all other consumers.

The Guaranteeing Supplier is appealing for consumers to fulfill their obligations to pay for their electricity in a timely manner and in full in order to guarantee the energy security of the Region as one of the most important conditions for the sustainable development of the Novgorod Region.