In 2013 the Voronezh Energy Retail Company supplied 6.7 billion kWh of electricity to its consumers

The largest increase in power consumption was in domestic use, in both the region and the city, an increase of 6.6% (467,892 million kWh). This was the result of an increase in the amount of power used in domestic dwellings, an area where there is normally a steady annual rise.

The agricultural sector showed a slight growth in power consumption: 0.1% (7.6 million kWh).

For other groups of consumers, there was a slight reduction in power consumption in 2013. Thus, the industrial sector fell by 1.4% (90.69 million kWh) and Transport and Communications by 0.3% (15.2 million kWh). There was also a decrease in power usage in sectors such as ‘Construction’ and ‘Other Industries’, including small and medium businesses and public services.