Guaranteeing Supplier Status awarded to TNS Energy Group companies in the Novgorod, Penza and Tula regions

In order to execute Order No. 442 of the President of the Russian Federation at the earliest possible date, the three TNS Energy Group companies have already conducted the necessary preparatory activities, namely, they have entered into the agreements under which they are assigned the right to request debt payments from creditors of the companies which lost their Guaranteeing Supplier status, pursuant to which payments have been made in full; they have applied to the ATS both for registration of their delivery point clusters as Guaranteeing Suppliers, and to obtain the right to trade within these delivery point clusters. They have also applied to the regulating authorities of the Russian Federation which are responsible for tariff regulation, in order to set appropriate values for their profit margins on sales.

Thus, these TNS Energy Group companies will take up their duties as Guaranteeing Suppliers on 1 January 2014. As early as this December, each of the new Guaranteeing Suppliers will offer energy supply agreements and advance payment invoices to businesses if these need to be paid at the beginning of January. Private consumers will receive their first bills from the new Guaranteeing Suppliers in February 2014; however they will be able to make advance energy-usage payments to the new Guaranteeing Suppliers during January.

As well as preparing these offers for energy supply agreements (or purchase agreements) aimed at business consumers the TNS Energy Group companies are sending supporting letters explaining the procedures as consumers transfer to the new Guaranteeing Suppliers. The offers will be sent to businesses from 24 January.

Some of the specialist staff who worked for the companies which lost their Guaranteeing Supplier status will be employed. The organisational structure and staffing schedules of the new Guaranteeing Suppliers are being prepared, as job descriptions, rules and regulations are developed in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. The necessary equipment, office furniture, computers and office machines are being purchased and the software for billing and wholesale market operation is being installed. It is expected that the staff will take up their duties from 9 January 2014.