Government of the Yaroslavl region and PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl plan to strengthen partnership in social and economic areas

PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl, the guaranteeing power supplier in the Yaroslavl region, was represented by Valentin Gorobtsov, Deputy General Director of the PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies and the regional company’s Managing Director.

Issues discussed at the meeting includedthe prospects for further development of the regional electrical energy service, new opportunities for cooperation in social and economic areas and the necessity for the executive authorities to provide additional support to regional electrical energy industryworkers.

The essence of every business is to make a profit,while government is interested in the collection of taxes. And if we respect the interests of each other, our cooperation will be mutually beneficial,  —  said Sergey Yastrebov. — Considering the instability of the economic situation in the country, we would like to be able totake into account all potential risks tocompliance with our obligations to the people. Also, we have tofulfill the conditions of our agreement with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in orderto be able to receive soft loans for the region. The budget of the Yaroslavl region depends on your productive activity, and I am ready to provide necessary assistance to ensure your stable operation. All the more since the stability of power supply is an essential component of the welfare of the region’s inhabitants.

As the power sector of any region of the country requires constant support on the part of the authorities the sustainability of the region’s economy in whole depends on the work of the energy industry workers.

Valentin Gorobtsovsaid that the meeting was extremely productive:

I can see clear and long-term prospects for our fruitful cooperation with the region’s government. PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl makes a significant contribution to the development of the region’s economy and social sphere — annually we pay several hundred million rubles to budgets of different levels and we are not going to stop doing so. Despite the crisis, we managed to maintain a stable situation — the Company’s share of 67% of the power market has remained unchanged for many years and our staff salaries are competitive. The Governor’s policy, of maintaining open dialogue with businesses on the most urgent economic issues, is a guarantee of the stable development of the region and its increasing attractivenes for investments.
PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl,is part of the largest in Russia energy holding, TNS energo, and is a customer-orientated company that bears responsibility for providing reliable power supplies to more than 14,000 enterprises and to all the inhabitants of the Yaroslavl region.