Garantenergoservice LLC holds press-conference on the issues of performing the functions of ‘Guaranteeing Supplier’ in the Novgorod Region

Taking part in the press-conference were Lyubov Uvarova, Director of the Novgorod branch of Garantenergoservice LLC; Irina Nikolaeva, Head of the Housing and Public Utilities Department and Fuel and Energy Sector of the Novgorod Region; and Aleksander Kotov, Deputy Director of Development and Implementation Services of the OJSC North West Interregional Distribution Company branch, Novgorodenergo.

During the press-conference Lyubov Uvarova explained that the functions of ‘Guaranteeing Supplier’ had been transferred from OJSC North West Interregional Distribution Company (the former area of responsibility of JSC Novgorod Region Energy Retail Company) to Garantenergoservice LLC. Therefore, from 1 January 2014 all subscribers had been switched to the service provided by the new Guaranteeing Supplier.

Lyubov Uvarova pointed out that, although there has been a change of Guaranteeing Supplier in the Region the tariffs will remain unchanged. From 1 January 2014 it will simply be a matter of paying for the electrical energy consumed according to the new accounts and bills.

Ms Uvarova added that contract offers had been sent to all legal entities serviced by Garantenergoservice LLC. As of today, 2,600 contracts have been signed.

Furthermore, almost all the staff who previously worked in the PO (production association) Energosbyt of the Novgorodenergo branch of IDGC (North-West) have been re-employed by Garantenergoservice LLC.

Ms. Uvarova reassured residents that, this time, the electricity supplier had come to the region with plans to stay for many years to come.

For your reference:

Note that, according to the Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation No. 912 of 23 December 2013, Garantenergoservice LLC was assigned the status of Guaranteeing Supplier with respect to the area of the activity of the OJSC North West Interregional Distribution Company from 1 January 2014.