Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the OJSC TNS energo Group of Companies takes place

The Shareholders of the OJSC TNS energo Group of Companies have, ahead-of-schedule, terminated the powers of the members of the current Board of Directors and elected a new Board of Directors, consisting of:

1. Arzhanov D A, General Director of the OJSC TNS energo Group of Companies;
2. Zalevsky A V; Head of Corporate and Investment Business of RCB BANK LTD;
3. Rubanov A I, President of A 3 LLC
4. Sitnikov A A, Managing Partner at CJSC Legal and Tax Advice Related to the Legislation of the CIS Countries VEGAS-LEX;
5. Hurn D, Managing Director of the Representative Office of LLC Specialized Research Limited, Moscow;
6. Shurkin A V, Director of the Department for Fuel and Energy Enterprises, OJCS Alfa Bank;
7. Schurov B V, First Deputy General Director of the OJSC TNS energy Group of Companies.

The Board of Directors has been updated in order to include representatives of the banking sector (the VTB Group and Alfa Bank), together with two independent representatives — the investment specialist (David Hurn) and an expert on legal matters (Alexander Sitnikov).

The Shareholders have also approved a number of changes to the Group’s Articles of Association. The changes were made in connection with the change of the Group name from ‘Open Joint-Stock Company’ (OJSC TNS energy Group of Companies) to ‘Public Joint-Stock Company’ (PJSC TNS energy Group of Companies), and to bring the Group’s Articles of Association into compliance with the requirements of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation for legal entities.

The status of being a Public Joint-Stock Company is necessary for the Group to enter the Moscow Stock Exchange. It is planned that the shares of the PJSC TNS energy Group of Companies will start trading on the Exchange from December 2014.