Energotrading LLC holds press-conference on the change of Guaranteeing Supplier in the Penza Region

Lyubov Kotova, Deputy Director of Energotrading LLC Energy Retail branch in the city of Penza, Vladimir Fedotov, Director for interaction with distribution organisations of the TNS energo  Group of Companies, and Igor Tolbin, Deputy General Director of OJSC Volga Interregional Distribution Company and the Director of the Penzaenergo branch - answered journalists' questions.

The leaders of the event spoke about the process of transferring subscribers fr om the OJSC Volga Interregional Distribution Company to the new Guaranteeing Supplier - Energotrading LLC, which is part of the TNS Energo Group of companies.

Since commencing its functions as Guaranteeing Supplier in the Penza Region, on 1 January 2014, Energotrading LLC has conducted extensive work with its customers in the Region. Lyubov Kotova said that the transfer of the subscribers to the service of the new Guaranteeing Supplier had been carried out to schedule and that an active contractual campaign was being conducted with legal entity consumers.

She also drew attention to p. 26 of Decree No. 442 of the Government of the Russian Federation, of 4 May 2012, according to which consumers which are legal entities must conclude energy supply agreements by 1 March 2014 and that failure to comply with these time limits may result in the disconnection of such subscribers from the electricity supply, because consumption in this case would be considered non-contractual.

For the public, the change of Guaranteeing Supplier does not bring any substantial changes: the electricity tariffs, payment time limits, payment facilities and the addresses and phone numbers of their Central Service Company remain the same. Lyubov Kotova highlighted that consumers will find that the staff of the former Guaranteeing Supplier, with whom they were familiar in their dealings on all matters, have been employed by the new supplier, only the payment details have changed.

Vladimir Fedotov, TNS energo Group of Companies’ Director for Interaction with Distribution Organisations, familiarised press-conference attendees with the activities of the Company, the structure of which includes Energotrading LLC, and he also spoke in detail about its working experience in other regions, wh ere the holding’s retail companies have also been assigned the status of Guaranteeing Suppliers.

Mr. Fedotov underlined that the status of Guaranteeing Supplier imposes increased social obligations on the Company and that it aims to work efficiently and productively in the Region.

Please note that, according to the Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation No. 910 of 23 December 2013, Energotrading LLC was assigned the status of Guaranteeing Supplier, from 1 January 2014, in respect of the area of activity previously covered by the GS OJSC Volga Interregional Distribution Company.