Dmitry Arzhanov is re-elected to the Supervisory Board of the Non-Profit Partnership ‘Sovet Rynka’

As Head of the TNS energo  Group of Companies he participates actively in different professional discussions with leading specialists in the power industry. Moreover, he is a member of the Supervisory Board of the NP GS and ERC.

Notes for editors:

The main purpose of NP Sovet Rynka is to ensure the functioning of the commercial infrastructure of the wholesale electricity market (WEM). Sovet Rynka participates in the establishment of regulations for the wholesale and retail electricity markets; it develops and approves the Agreement on Accession to the Wholesale Market Trading System and the wholesale market regulations; maintains a register of wholesalers; settles disputes in the market, and monitors the compliance of wholesale market members with WEM rules.

NP GS and ERC is the largest non-profit organisation in the Russian electricity industry, uniting many energy retail companies. The combined market share of all members of the partnership is 2/3 of the retail market of the Russian Federation. NP GS and ERC acts as a centre for progressing the positions of Partnership members in relation to a wide range of retail market issues. The Partnership evolves concepts and analyses prospective lines of development and outstanding problems faced by the energy retail sector.