Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PJSC TNS energo Group

The Group’s net profit for the accounting period amounted to RUB 1.3 billion. The meeting decided to distribute RUB 3 billion in dividends (including retained earnings). As a result, 219 rubles 48 kopecks will be paid per registered uncertified share.

The shareholders elected an updated Board of Directors. The nine members of the Board of the TNS energo Group are:

1. Dmitry Alexandrovich Arzhanov, General Director of the PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies;
2. Arkady Victorovich Zalevsky, Deputy General Director of RCB BANK LTD;
3. Igor Vladimirovich Mironov, Director of the Council of Power Producers Association;
4. Vitaly Alexandrovich Rozhkov, Deputy General Director of the PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies and Managing Director of OJSC Kubanenergosbyt;
5. Alexander Iosifovich Rubanov, President of LLCА-3;
6. Alexander Alexandrovich Sitnikov, Managing Partner at VEGAS-LEX – CJSC Legal and Tax Advice on the Legislation of the CIS Countries;
7. David Alexander Hurn, Managing Director of the representative office of LLC Specialised Research Limited, in Moscow;
8. Alexander Victorovich Shurkin, Director of the Department for Fuel and Energy Enterprises, JSC Alfa Bank;
9. Boris Vladimirovich Schurov, First Deputy General Director of the PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies.
The general meeting also elected an Audit Committee consisting of 3 persons.

LLC Central Auditing House was approved as the auditor for the 2016 financial statements of the PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies, to be prepared in accordance with Russian accounting standards.

KPMG JSC has been appointed as the auditor for the Group’s 2016 consolidated financial statements, to be prepared in accordance with international financial reporting standards.

Company profile:

The PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies is a participant in the wholesale electricity market, managing 10 guaranteeing suppliers serving around 21 million consumers in 11 regions of the Russian Federation: PJSC TNS energo Voronezh (Voronezh region), JSC TNS energo Karelia (Republic of Karelia), OJSC Kubanenergosbyt (Krasdodar region and the Republic of Adygea), PJSC TNS energo Mary El (Republic of Mary El), PJSC TNS energo NN (Nizhny Novgorod region), JSC TNS energo Tula (Tula region), PJSC TNS energo Rostov-on-Don (Rostov region), PJSC TNS energo Yaroslavl (Yaroslavl region), LLC TNS energoVeliky Novgorod (Novgorod region) and LLC TNS energo Penza (Penza region).