In 2012 the Voronezh Power Sales Company contributed a total of over RUB 0.5 billion in taxes of all types

In 2012 JSC Voronezhskaya sbytovaya paid RUB 518.9 million to the administrative budgets at all levels.

Taxes in the amount of RUB 385.1 million were paid to the federal budget, and RUB 133.8 million to the Treasury of the Voronezh Region. In addition, RUB 65.5 million were paid to non-budgetary funds: Pension Fund and the Social and Medical Insurance Fund.

As of 1 January 2013 there were 21.1 thousand businesses subscribing to JSC Voronezhskaya sbytovaya, the principal power supplier of the Voronezh Region, along with more than one million residential users. According to the 2012 results, the company sold 74.31% of the power used within the region.