GC TNS Energo is to be a primary sponsor of the All-Russia Competitions in Speed Skating: the “Ledyanoy Draiv - Our Hope and Expectations are in Ice - 2013”

The “Our Hope in Ice” competitions have a long history and have been resurrected through the initiative of the Skating Union of Russia and the Ministry of Sport. Many famous Russian skaters started their careers as participants in such tournaments and often these tournaments propelled them to professional sport.

It is important to support not only professional sport but grassroots sport as well. Non-professional competitions can give birth to future Olympic champions. Dmitry Arzhanov, the General Director of GC TNS Energo, says: “Even if high-level sporting achievement is not the goal in itself, fair competitions help to build character, to promote all-round and harmonious development of the individual and to teach young people to lead healthy lives. This ultimately is the foundation of national development and prosperity.”

Note that the TNS Energo Group also sponsored the 2012, Ledyanoy Draiv, Russian Open Tournament. Then, according to official statistics, approximately 32 thousand people took part in the competitions.

Photo courtesy of the Skating Union of Russia.