As we approach the beginning of the school year, PJSC TNS energo Mari El sponsored the Semenov boarding school

For seven years, PJSC TNS energo Mari El has annually been financing repair and replenishing the material resources of the only boarding school in Mari El specializing in intellectual, moral and physical development and social adaptation of hearing-impaired children.

"Responsible development of business in the interests of the society is one of the key priority principles followed by PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies,” Alexander Grebenschikov noted. “We are trying to help unprotected social groups in the regions where our company is present contributing to maintaining social stability, and providing support to those who need it the most."

Construction works performed in the boarding school upon the initiative of power engineers were accepted by the Managing Director of PJSC TNS energo Mari El Ekaterina Vakhitova, and the Minister of Education and Science of the Mari El Republic Natalia Adamova.

"Participation in life of this educational institution is a priority for us. This was not an easy year, but we managed to adhere to the plan of renovation in the boarding school,” said Deputy General Director of PJSC TNS energo Group of Companies and the Managing Director of PJSC TNS energo Mari El Ekaterina Vakhitova.

In 2016, the boarding school celebrated its 85th anniversary. In recent years, the building has become considerably dilapidated endangering the students and the teachers. Energy workers were the first to respond to the call for help, and started improving the conditions for living and education of 126 boarders. Today, the amount of financial help provided to the educational institution is exceeding 14 million rubles.

Natalia Adamova, the Minister of Education and Science, appreciated the social initiative of the energy workers, and expressed her hope for continued fruitful cooperation. "The money allocated from the Republican budget for the maintenance of the school is not sufficient. It is encouraging that this educational institution has friends in the TNS energo Mari El company, who are always ready to help."


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