Between 20 - 23 September 2012 the GC TNS Energo LLC ‘Spartakiad I’ took place in the Krasnodar Region

Between 20 – 23 September 2012 the ‘Spartakiad I’ of the power sales companies took place in the Krasnodar Region. All employees of affiliates which are parts of or are controlled by GC TNS Energo LLC were eligible to participate in the ‘Spartakiad’ events: This included JSC Kubanenergosbyt, JSC Marienergosbyt, JSC Yaroslavskaya sbytovaya, JSC Nizhegorodskaya sbytovaya, together with joint teams from Donenergosbyt LLC and JSC Energosbyt Rostovenergo, and from GC TNS Energo LLC and JSC Tulskaya Energosbytovaya.

The principal aim of the ‘Spartakiad’ is to develop stable partnerships between the power sales companies and to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

There are about seven thousand employees in GC TNS Energo. It is little wonder that people working in different regions of the country often do not even know each other. Sporting events promote consolidation of the different company units. In future this will simplify cooperation between the subdivisions and regions and promote professional problem solving and, eventually, improve the efficiency of the companies as a whole. Furthermore, through fair competition people can demonstrate their best traits, such as: team-work, persistence and their dedication to achieving goals, together with ways of circumventing opposition in order to be ‘the best’. Dmitry Arzhanov, the General Director of GC TNS Energo LLC said: “Employees, who did not even know each other before, become team players focused on their overall goals.”

The ‘Spartakiad’ participants competed in 6 disciplines: volleyball, indoor soccer, table tennis, chess, relay races and Russian billiards. Each team included 33 athletes, each of whom could participate in a maximum of two competition events.

The winning teams and the best athletes were determined in each event, based on the competition results. Winners were determined on the basis of the total number of points accrued by the team placings in the events. The winning teams were JSC Kubanenergosbyt, the joint team from Donenergosbyt LLC and JSC Energosbyt Rostovenergo, and JSC Yaroslavskaya sbytovaya - being placed first, second and third, respectively.

The individual winners and winning teams were awarded medals, diplomas and souvenirs. JSC Kubanenergosbyt, as the champion team, was presented with the ‘Spartakiad’ Cup. Many of the participants commented that they would continue to develop their sports-related skills to improve their team’s results next year.

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