TNS Energo News

Rostov-on-Don hosts TNS Energy Group conference
Between 10 - 13 September 2013 Rostov-on-Don will host the TNS energo Group of Companies conference: ‘The Retail Energy Market 2013: Principles of guaranteeing suppliers’ planning and estimating and contractual relations’. Employees of all 8 energy retail companies of the Group, from 8 regions of the country, will take part in the conference.
Publication of draft Regulations of the Committee for Cooperation with Minority Shareholders of the TNS energo Group of Companies

In addition to the Project on Dividend Policy of TNS Energy the Group has developed a Project for the Committee for Cooperation with Minority Shareholders which has been posted to the web-site (Information Disclosure section, subclause: ‘Board Resolutions’).

TNS energo increases its revenue through the consolidation of assets
In the first half of 2013 the TNS energo Group of Companies increased its revenue by more than 30% compared with the same period of the previous year, primarily through the Group’s consolidation of assets.
Employees of the Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company arranged a picnic for the residents of a children’s home.
Nizhny Novgorod Energy Retail Company has once again arranged a picnic for residents of the children’s home it sponsors in Poshatovo, in the Arzamas District of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Last year children joined in the picnic with enthusiasm, and some of them said that it was the first time they had tasted such a simple and tasty dish as shashlik, since there are no such treats on the menu of the children’s home. However this summer the event was even more touching, since 8 of the 25 children have graduated and are about to establish their own independent lives.
The Draft Regulations on the Dividend Policy of JSC GC TNS energy have been published
Within the framework of the reorganisation of GC TNS energy by its transformation into an Open Joint Stock Company the company has developed Draft Regulations on its Dividend Policy which have been posted on the web-site in the ‘Disclosure’ section, paragraph: ‘Resolutions of the Board of Directors’.
Kuban Energy Retail Company is the winner of the National Tax Award
Kuban Energy Retail Company was presented with the All-Russia “National Tax Award” in the field of fiscal policy and fiscal relations in the “Conscientious Taxpayers” category. The award was made at the offices of the President-Hotel Complex of the Presidential Property Management Department of the Russian Federation, at the end of last week, as part of the third ceremony of awards for public recognition of achievements for Support to the Economy of Russia.
TNS energo Group of Companies has forwarded a mandatory offer to JSC Marienergosbyt to acquire its ordinary shares
The recommended price of purchased securitiess 3 rubles 50 kopecks per ordinary share.
VESC has been included in the group of the ten most effective power sales companies in Russia
Following the results of the first quarter of 2013 Voronezh Energy Retail Company has become one of the ten most effective power sales companies in Russia.

The rating “Power Sales Companies: Marketing Effectiveness” is a quarterly report by the Non Commercial Partnership, Sovet Rynka which compares sales reliability and identifies the market leaders.
The reorganisation of JSC Energosbyt Rostovenergo has been completed
The reorganisation of JSC Energosbyt Rostovenergo through the accession of CJSC Donenergosbyt has been completed. CJSC Donenergosbyt has terminated its business.
In the first quarter of 2013 GC TNS Energo contributed more than RUB 449 million in taxes
GC TNS Energo contributed RUB 449,601,000 in tax in the first quarter of 2013. The Group’s net profit exceeded RUB 1 billion in the first quarter.

In 2012 the income of JSC Kubanenergosbyt amounted to RUB 803.5 million
The annual General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC Kubanskaya sbytovaya was held at the end of last month. At the meeting the results of the company’s activities for 2012 were announced.
In 2012 JSC Kubanenergosbyt contributed more than RUB 800 million in taxes of all types
JSC Kubanskaya sbytovaya is one of the largest taxpayers in the region, regularly contributing to federal, territorial and municipal budgets. Thus, in 2012 the total taxes paid by JSC Kuban Power Sales to the budgets at all levels amounted to RUB 876.5 million of which RUB 508.3 million were paid to the federal budget and RUB 232.4 million to the consolidated budget of the Krasnodar Region.
TNS Energo congratulates Russian skaters on their sensational wins at the World Championships!
On 24 March 2013 the World Single Distance Speed Skating Championship finished in Sochi. The Russian national team picked up two gold, and three bronze medals, just behind the Dutch who have been the leaders in this event for many years.
JSC Kubanenergosbyt has increased production supply compared with last year
In 2012 the amount of power sold by JSC Kubanskaya sbytovaya increased by more than 2.4% over the year 2011. Last year Kubanskaya sbytovaya supplied its consumers with more than 12.1 billion kWh, worth a total of RUR 39.6 billion.
JSC Kubanenergosbyt has noticed improvements in the payment discipline of its consumers
Specialists from the Power Sales Management Board of Kubanskaya sbytovaya have pointed out significant improvements in the payment discipline of its consumers. Thus, as of 1 January 2013, overdue account receivables, had decreased by RUR 1.2 million (0.2%).
The schedule for the reorganization of the TNS Energo Group has been published
According to the document the state registration of JSC GC TNS Energo is to take place at the beginning of May 2013. At the end of May a meeting of the Board of Directors of the company will be convened to adopt a resolution on the issue of securities.
Reorganisation of GC TNS Energo LLC
On 25 February 2013 the sole participant in the Limited Liability Group of companies, TNS Energo made the decision to reorganise GC TNS Energo LLC by converting to the Open Joint Stock Group of companies, TNS Energo (JSC GC TNS Energo).
JSC Kubanenergosbyt has received a special award for Effective Online Communications
Kubanskaya sbytovaya is the winner of the Third All-Russia Competition: ‘The Best Power Supply Company in Russia’, arranged by the internet-portal EnergoNews. The results of the competition were announced on 18 February 2013.
The TNS Energo Group congratulates the Russian ‘short trackers’ on their success at the World Cup in Sochi!
The men's national team has won an historically significant victory.
The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) of Russia has approved the application by CJSC Donenergosbyt for its accession to JSC Energosbyt Rostovenergo
The issue of the reorganisation of JSC Energosbyt Rostovenergo was placed on the agenda of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, convened on 27 February 2013.