In 2013 Voronezh Energy Retail Company tax payments to the budget and to non-budgetary funds exceeded 500 million rubles

TNS energo Group of Companies Source: JSC Voronezh Energy Retail Company Press Service 12 february 2014
In 2013, the JSC Voronezh Energy Retail Company, the Guaranteeing Electricity Supplier for the Voronezh Region, paid a total of 439.6 million rubles to the tax system.

Last year the JSC Voronezh Energy Retail Company paid 263.5 million rubles to the federal budget, and 176.1 million rubles to the Treasury of the Voronezh Region.

In addition, 72.2 million rubles were paid by the Company to non-budgetary funds - the Pension Fund and the Social and Medical Insurance Fund.

Please note that the JSC Voronezh Energy Retail Company has retained a dominant position in the energy market of the Voronezh Region. According to results for 2013, its controlled market share was 75.29%. The total amount of electrical energy sold on the retail market in 2013 was 6.7 billion kWh.