In 2013 the Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company supplied more than 5 billion kWh of electricity

TNS energo Group of Companies Source: Press Service of the Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company 29 January 2014 29 january 2014
The Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company has announced the results of its operations for 2013. Over this period 5,013 million kWh of electricity were supplied to its consumers.

Domestic users and heavy industry were the largest consumers, together with other industries (including small and medium businesses) and public services.

Over the past five years, power consumption in the region has increased greatly. For comparison: in 2009 the Yaroslavl Energy Retail Company supplied 4,599 million kWh to its agents, so there had been an increase of 400 million kWh by 2013.

— Today Yaroslavl is a dynamically developing region. The company notes that over the past years many new social and cultural facilities have been commissioned; currently there is much domestic and commercial construction taking place, while additional transport and municipal infrastructure is also being developed.