Competitive advantages

Effective management policy

The unified management system of the group of energy retail companies promotes harmonisation of the quality standards of corporate management. It also allows us to work continuously on optimising economic efficiency as well as facilitating the development of constructive and mutually beneficial relationships with customers and partners.


An individual approach to working with customers and the ability to respond flexibly to the needs of each, together with the fulfillment of our obligations to contractors, in good faith, in addition to our use of modern management and administration facilities allow us to achieve optimum results in the shortest possible time.

Positive market policy

Our positive market policy across the regions is promoting a continuous expansion of our customer base and, helping to consolidate the Group’s leading position in the regional markets.

High-level social obligations

The high-level social obligations of the group of companies enables us, as suppliers, to build long-term relationships with local administrative authorities and to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the population.

Accessibility and transparency

The extensive network of regional and subscriber offices, and service and call centres ensures the maximum accessibility of the regional retail companies. The subsidiaries of TNS energo actively carry out informational work with all types of consumer in respect of the clarification of legislative changes and the details of tariff regulation in the electricity sector. This includes work with the media to establish and strengthen our trust relationships with clients and partners in addition to ensuring social stability in the regions where we operate.